Terry Lenamon on the Death Penalty

10 Things To Know About Florida's Death Row

Here are ten (10) things that you might not know about Florida's Death Row (facts courtesy of the Florida Department of Corrections):

1.  The Executioner gets paid $150.00 to kill someone in a State of Florida execution.

2.  There are three Death Rows in Florida.  Women* facing capital punishment live in Lowell, Florida, at the Lowell Correctional Institution Annex and men sentenced to death live in one of two places: either Starke, Florida, at the Florida State Prison or in Raiford, Florida, at the Union Correctional Institution.

*Currently, there are four women on Florida's Death Row.  Here is a list with photos.  Notice that Joshua Fulgham's co-defendant, Emilia Carr, is one of these four women.  (Terry Lenamon defended Joshua Fulgham, who received a life sentence, for more read our posts on the case.)

3.  Florida Death Row inmates do not get to use a fork or spoon.  They get plastic sporks.   They are served three meals a day on trays, with sporks, at 5 am, 11 am, and 4 pm.  That's right: no spoons and no food after 4 pm.  A cruel twist to the Early Bird Special, isn't it?

4.  A Death Row Cell in Florida is 9.5 feet high.  It's 6 feet long.  It's 9 feet wide.

5.  Death Row Inmates are not allowed to smoke cigarettes.

6.  Death Row inmates can have a 13 inch TV in their cells.  No cable, though.  No DISH TV.

7.  Florida Death Row has no air conditioning.

8.  Death Row inmates are checked for a count every hour, 24/7. 

9.  Death Row inmates in Florida get a shower, every other day.

10.  The only time that a Death Row inmate isn't in his or her cell is (1) for showers; (2) visits with lawyers, media interviews, visits for social reasons (family, friends); and (3) exercise time.  Also, if they need medical attention they are moved from their cells.  Otherwise, they spend all their time in their cell.  

Go here to watch a virtual tour of a Florida Death Row cell. 


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