Joshua Fulgham Defense - Judge Sentences Fulgham to 2 Consecutive Life Terms

Trial is over and the judge has followed the jury's decision regarding sentencing:  Joshua Fulgham will not be sentenced to death but instead will serve life imprisonment (two consecutive terms) for the kidnapping and murder of his wife, Heather Strong.

For details, see the coverage.

Note:  My congratulations to Terry Lenamon - a hard fought defense, especially considering the circumstances of the case, the earlier death penalty sentence of Emilia Carr, and the defense's acknowledgement that Fulgham had participated in the killing itself, which brought all the focus of the trial from the guilt phase solely to the penalty phase. 

Congrats again to Terry! 

- Reba Kennedy


Joshua Fulgham Defense - Jury Says No to Death Penalty: Congrats to Terry Lenamon and the Defense Team

 Last night, the jury came back with a decision of life imprisonment for Joshua Fulgham -- nixing the death penalty request by the prosecution.

Under Florida law, the judge will still have the final decision here.

What will the Judge do?  We'll know soon.

Meanwhile, congrats to Terry Lenamon for a great job of defending against the death penalty in the Joshua Fulgham trial!!



Fulgham Trial: Jury Finds Joshua Fulgham Guilty in Quick Deliberation, Terry Lenamon Defends in Penalty Phase of Trial, Example of Florida Statute's Mitigating Factors In Application

The jury has found Joshua Fulgham guilty of first degree murder (see earlier posts for details of the case).  

Beginning today, Terry Lenamon and the defense team will be arguing Florida mitigating factors and how their application should prevent Fulgham being sentenced to the death penalty.

For details on mitigating factors, see our earlier post here

The trial is being covered on a daily basis, in detail, at

Joshua Fulgham Defense - Transcript of Terry Lenamon's Opening Statement

For those following the Marion County, Florida trial of Joshua Fulgham, here is the transcript of Terry Lenamon's opening statement.

Trial continues this week ....

Florida Death Penalty Statute Unconstitutional: 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Reviews Lower Court Ruling

An amicus brief was filed this week in the Evans v. McNeil by amici curiae NACDL, FACDL, and Florida Capital Resource Center. before the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

 To read the brief in its entirety, please go here.

This is the latest fight in the battle over whether or not the Florida Death Penalty Statute is unconstitutional. 

The case, Evans v. McNeil, involves a petition for writ of habeas corpus, filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Miami Division, where that court found the Florida Death Penalty Statute violated Ring v. Arizona, 536 U.S. 584 (2002), and was therefore unconstitutional.

Read the lower court's ruling here.


Terry Lenamon Defends Josh Fulgham who Faces Death Penalty in Heather Strong Murder Case

Terry Lenamon is currently in trial defending another high profile defendant, Joshua Fulgham, who is accused of killing his wife Heather Strong (read the Wikipedia article on her murder here).  The trial is taking place in Marion County, Florida.

For blog readers who follow Terry's trial work, here are some links to the day's activities (as this post is being published, they are still in the middle of jury selection).

Jury Selection Photo Series (

Gaineville Sun trial coverage

Joshua Fulgham faces the death penalty for the death of his wife Heather Strong, having been charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping.  Fulgham's girlfriend, Emilia Carr, has already been tried and convicted and is now setting on Florida's Death Row. 

If you are interested in criminal defense / true crime cases, then you might want to read Terry's memoir or "casebook" that covers almost a dozen of his past defense cases where his clients faced the penalty of death.  For more info on the book or to buy it as an ebook or paperback, just click on the link there in the left sidebar. 

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