Texas and Ohio Still Have Active Execution Schedules; Other States - Not So Much.

With thanks to Amnesty.org for keeping track of the national execution schedule (correct as of February 6, 2013), let's consider what is going on in the United States right now.  In all the states that allow for capital punishment, consider this:

  • There are 27 executions scheduled from March 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015 right now in the United States.  
  • One is in Arizona (Edward Schad on 3/6) and one is set in Oklahoma (Robert Thacker on 3/12).
  • The rest are all in Texas and Ohio.  

That's right: due in no small part to the efforts of Terence Lenamon (as discussed here in prior posts), there are no death penalty executions scheduled this year, or in 2014, or in 2015, in the State of Florida.

Here are the Executions Scheduled in Texas and Ohio:



3/6/2013              Frederick Treesh            

5/1/2013              Steven Smith   

8/7/2013              Billy Slagle         

9/25/2013            Harry Mitts, Jr.

11/14/2013         Ronald Phillips 

1/16/2014            Dennis McGuire             

3/19/2014            Gregory Lott    

5/28/2014            Arthur Tyler      

8/6/2014              William Montgomery   

10/15/2014         Raymond Tibbetts         

1/7/2015              Warren Henness            

05/14/15              Jeffrey Wogenstahl      


4/3/2013              Kimberly McCarthy       

4/09/2013            Ricky Lewis       

4/10/2013            Rigoberto Avila               

4/16/2013            Ronnie Threadgill           

4/24/2013            Elroy Chester   

4/25/2013            Richard Cobb   

5/7/2013              Caroll Joe Parr 

5/15/2013            Jeffrey Williams              

5/21/13                Robert Pruett  

7/16/13                John Quintanilla              

07/18/13              Vaughn Ross    

7/31/2013            Douglas Feldman

03/12/15              Robert Van Hook             




Terence Lenamon in the News: Back to Back Death Penalty Cases

 As reported earlier here on the blog, Terence Lenamon was successful in his arguments to keep Vernon Stevens off of Florida's Death Row as Mr. Stevens was sentenced to life imprisonment earlier this month.

Meanwhile, news coverage of the James E. Bannister murder case out of Ocala earlier this month had Terry Lenamon's co-counsel reporting to the trial judge that Terence Lenamon could not be actively participating in the Bannister proceeding because he was busy in the Stevens case.  

Added to that, explained Tania Alavi, she and Terence Lenamon were also co-defense counsel in the pending Florida death penalty murder case against Michael Woods, set for trial later in 2013 - and it's assumed that the Woods trial may be delayed in order for the Bannister case to proceed.

Here is Terry Lenamon's Opening Statement in the penalty phase of the Stevens trial: 

No Death Penalty for Vernon Dwayne Stevens: Defense Lawyer Terence Lenamon Victorious Over Capital Punishment Sought by State of Florida

 Terry Lenamon just finished a six week trial in Florida, where state prosecutors were seeking the death penalty for Vernon Dwayne Stevens.  Mr. Stevens, however, will not face capital punishment:  Terence Lenamon's arguments for mitigation were successful and a life sentence was reached.

For details, check out the following documents in the Terry Lenamon Online Library, from Cause No. 07-00068CF, State of Florida v. Vernon Dwayne Stevens in the Circuit Court of the 20th Judicial District in and for Hendry County, Florida:

1.  Terry Lenamon's Penalty Phase Opening Statement

2.  Prosecutor's Closing - Part One

3.  Prosecutor's Closing - Part Two 

Congratulations to Terry Lenamon on a job well done  - and another victory against the Death Penalty!

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