Documentary About Florence, Arizona: The State's Incarceration Capitol

Documentary film maker Andrea (Andy) Scott has a new documentary coming out that may be interesting to those following death penalty issues .... It's a film covering a local community in Arizona that has an economy revolving around 9 different incarceration spots, be they prisons, jails or immigration detention centers.  

The town is Florence, Arizona, and for those interested in learning more about the town or the film, or both, check out Scott's kickstarter campaign online here


Lenamon Win in Michael Woods Case: State Will No Longer Seek Death Penalty in Toni Centracco Murder Retrial

Terry Lenamon's client, Michael Lamar Woods, will not be facing the possibility of being sentenced to death in the murder of Toni Centracco -- prosecutors have filed the formal notification that in the new trial of Mr. Woods, the state will no longer seek the death penalty.

As you may recall from our earlier post, after a long courtroom fight and lots of jury deliberation time, the Woods jury was released and Terence Lenamon's request for a mistrial was granted after one of the jurors used the internet to do research on definitions given to the jury by the judge.  

Terry's work isn't done though.  Michael Woods is still facing the death penalty in another murder trial where he is charged with the killings of Toni Centracco's boyfriend Marshall Pardee and Chyavana Hampton.  

For Terry's take on the Woods case - and what the dismissed jurors told news media after they were released from the courtroom on how they would have voted if they case had gone to verdict, go here to read the report by April Warren in the Ocala Star Journal.


Joshua Fulgham Case on Snapped:Killer Couples on Oxygen TV This Sunday

This just in from Terry, who got the heads up from the show's producer today:

This Sunday, November 17, 2013, the series Snapped: Killer Couples on Oxygen TV will be spotlighting one of Terence Lenamon's clients, Joshua Fulgham.  

Be sure to watch!!!

For more on Terry's defense of Joshua Fulgham, check out our past blog posts (here) or read about the case on Wikipedia 

Florida Executions Continue With Untested Drug Combo as Darius Kimbrough Executed with Midazolam Hydrochloride

Yesterday at six o’clock in the evening, Darius Kimbrough was executed by the State of Florida Department of Corrections after being sentenced to death in 1994 for the 1991 murder of Denise Collins of Orlando. Once again, Florida execution practices were hampered regarding the method of execution involving a lethal injection cocktail because Florida no longer has any pentobarbital in its inventory to use in these capital punishments.

And once again, that dilemma has been resolved by the authorities by using midazolam hydrochloride in the lethal injection procedure. Kimbrough is the second man executed in Florida using this drug.

As we’ve posted about before, this drug is not tested. William Happ was the first man to be executed in a process where the new untested drug, midazolam hydrochloride, is injected first as a sedative with two other drugs then being injected into the body to paralyze the person and then stop the heart from beating.

This three drug process took 18 minutes for Darius Kimbrough to die. Was he sedated or was his paralysis preventing him from evidencing pain? We don’t know.

Kimbrough was not part of the ongoing appeal from several Florida Death Row inmates arguing that the use of midazolam hydrochloride is cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

He did write a letter to the Florida Supreme Court to voice his concerns about this controversial drug. It didn’t matter.


The 2% Death Penalty Video from DPIC: A Must See

Mistrial in the Michael Woods Case Due to Juror Using Internet to Look Up Definitions

 Update on Terry Lenamon's trial this month:  today, the judge declared a mistrial in the Michael Woods case. 

Details in the Ocala Star Banner coverage online.  (This article has been updated - the addition includes an interview with a juror; to see the update, click here.)

You can see Terry in the photographs here, along with quotes from Terry Lenamon on the defense's motion for mistrial which was granted today.

Earlier news coverage reveals the jury asking for lots of stuff to be sent to them in the deliberation room, i.e., transcripts of five trial witnesses, and yesterday afternoon there was talk of a hung jury.

Now, the judge has granted a mistrial due to juror error, because a juror went online to look up definitions of words like "circumstantial" (see the Ocala Star Banner link above for details).  

This means that this jury will be excused and the three weeks of trial that Terry and the defense team have been fighting for Woods this month will have to be started once again, in a brand new trial.  

Will the prosecution revisit the death penalty it's seeking?  Stay tuned.

Have a good rest this weekend, Terry!







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