2015 Death Penalty Report Released by DPIC: Full Text

The Death Penalty Information Center released its new report, "Death Penalty in the United States," this week. 

New DPIC Report on Death Penalty in the United States in 2015

You can read the full text of the report online here.

Among its key findings are:

• There were 28 executions in 6 states, the fewest since 1991.
• There were 49 death sentences in 2015, 33% below the modern death penalty low set last  year.
• New death sentences in the past decade are lower than in the decade preceding the Supreme
Court’s invalidation of capital punishment in 1972.
• Six more former death row inmates were exonerated of all charges.

Watch the Video Summary of the DPIC Findings

Here's a short video that gives you a full summary of the DPIC report's contents:


Merry Christmas from Lenamon Law


Every Execution in the United States Since 1770: Must Read in Time Magazine

Wow.  Gathering together data from the Death Penalty Information Center as well as pre-1976 data from M. Watt Espy and John Ortiz Smykla, Time Magazine (hat tip to Chris Wilson, Emily Maltby and Lon Tweeten) has put together a really amazing compilation regarding the death penalty in America.

Go here to read, " Every Execution in U.S. History in a Single Chart."

You'll learn a lot. 

Like there have been executions in this country by burning people to death

And the most popular form of execution in the USA?  Hanging. 

Worth your time to peruse and ponder. 


The Last Execution of 2015

Yesterday, the State of Georgia executed Brian Keith Terrell for the June 1992 killing of John Watson. 

Terrell was convicted of murdering Watson after Watson demanded Terrell pay him back after Terrell forged some of Watson's checks. 

It was an execution by lethal injection.  There are many who argue that Terrell was innocent of the crime. There are others that argue there may have been prosecutorial misconduct during his trial.

For more on these details, check out the CBS News article detailing Terrell's case.

Meanwhile, the National Execution Calendar for 2015 is complete.  No more executions will take place this year. 

We have seen 28 people die as capital punishment in the United States this year.  Interesting point made by NPR:  this is the same number of deaths as those who died from lightening strikes.

For the complete list of 27 men and 1 woman who were executed in this country during 2015, all by lethal injection, check out the DPIC list.

Which Punishment Do You Prefer for People Convicted of Murder? (New Study)

The 2015 American Values Survey by the Public Religion Research Institute has been released regarding capital punishment.

The researchers asked 2,695 Americans what they thought about the death penalty.  (Click the above link to read the entire study.)

Here's a great infographic from Death Penalty Information Center that summarizes the findings.





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