The death penalty trial of Markeith Loyd for the death of Orlando Police Officer Debra Clayton has been reset by the Honorable Leticia Marques to October 8, 2021, when jury selection will begin in the case of State of Florida vs. Markeith Loyd.  Terence Lenamon serves as defense counsel in this case.

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Pennsylvania-based death penalty defense lawyer Marc Bookman currently serves as the Executive Director of the Atlantic Center for Capital Representation, a nonprofit organization providing capital case defense for those facing a possible death penalty sentence and state execution. Before that he advocated for defendants as part of the Defender Association of Philadelphia’s Homicide Unit

Death Penalty Law springs out of two wells in two forums:  the judiciary and the legislature, at both the state and federal levels.

Consider the continuing interplay on the  proper implementation of the Florida Death Penalty between SCOTUS and the Florida Supreme Court in Hurst v. State and Poole v. State, as one example.   

Several different issues must be considered insofar as capital punishment in our country.  The Death Penalty today is a multi-faced concern where considerations must be given to the following:

1.  The Cost of Capital Punishment

For those focused upon finances and taxpayer dollars, the reality is that sentencing someone to death, rather that LWOP (life

This month, the question is raised once again about what the condemned actually experience when undergoing lethal injection, and whether or not this constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. It appears that the executioners’ perspective on what is taking place and those of the execution witnesses may be far, far different.  Read, “Executioners sanitized accounts