The West Memphis Three were freed a little over a year ago after lots of support and efforts to make the public aware of what was happening to these three men.  Major public figures from Johnny Depp to Oliver Stone to Ozzy Osborne all worked to bring justice in this case (details and background here)

Now, a documentary based on the story of the West Memphis Three is being released, entitled "West of Memphis," opening on December 25, 2012, in both Los Angeles and New York City. 

Terry Lenamon has been invited to special screenings of Peter Jackson’s film, co-produced by Fran Walsh and Damiel Echols, at the New York Law School on November 17, where the documentary will be shown as well as a panel discussion involving those involved in the film as well as the lawyers in the underlying case.  It’s being presented as part of the New York Law School’s Program in Law and Journalism as a program entitled "Justice Lost: the Fight to Free Damien  Echols." 

Terry extends his thanks to Stacey Berkowitz Ranere, Vice President of Rubenstein Associates, Inc. for the invitation and he also wants to help promote this new documentary to those interested in capital punishment and death penalty issues, both here and aboard. 

Please click on the image for details about the film from IMDb: