Today, the Board of Pardons and Parole for the State of Utah denied Ronnie Lee Gardner’s Commutation Petition (opinion here). 

Which means that one more door has closed on Mr. Gardner’s attempts to avoid the execution currently scheduled to take place this Friday, June 18, 2010, at midnight. 

Appeal Still Pending Before the Utah Supreme Court

The process of trying to stop Friday’s execution of Ronnie Lee Gardner by the State of Utah continues, of course – we’ve been following the case for awhile now. Right now, he still has an appeal pending before the Supreme Court of Utah regarding his sentencing hearing and that Court has yet to rule. 

June 18, 2010: Death by Firing Squad Still Scheduled

Ronnie Lee Gardner’s decision to die by firing squad – an execution method offered to him under the laws of the State of Utah – has brought his case to national media scrutiny. 


Barring a last minute stay of execution, Mr. Gardner has opted to be shot by a squad of men who will aim at a target placed over his heart. This has proven shocking to many, and his choice is bringing lots of attention to the state of capital punishment in the United States today.


For example, CBS News reports on the Gardner case under the headline, “Slow Death of the Death Penalty?” – giving statistics that include over 60% of Americans still support capital punishment even though overall, the death penalty has been declining in use over the past few decades.


As Friday approaches, the impending execution of Ronnie Lee Gardner should be receiving more and more media attention – as well it should. 


Let us all keep watch and pray.