Here are ten (10) things that you might not know about Florida’s Death Row (facts courtesy of the Florida Department of Corrections):

1.  The Executioner gets paid $150.00 to kill someone in a State of Florida execution.

2.  There are three Death Rows in Florida.  Women* facing capital punishment live in Lowell, Florida, at the Lowell Correctional Institution Annex and men sentenced to death live in one of two places: either Starke, Florida, at the Florida State Prison or in Raiford, Florida, at the Union Correctional Institution.

*Currently, there are four women on Florida’s Death Row.  Here is a list with photos.  Notice that Joshua Fulgham’s co-defendant, Emilia Carr, is one of these four women.  (Terry Lenamon defended Joshua Fulgham, who received a life sentence, for more read our posts on the case.)

3.  Florida Death Row inmates do not get to use a fork or spoon.  They get plastic sporks.   They are served three meals a day on trays, with sporks, at 5 am, 11 am, and 4 pm.  That’s right: no spoons and no food after 4 pm.  A cruel twist to the Early Bird Special, isn’t it?

4.  A Death Row Cell in Florida is 9.5 feet high.  It’s 6 feet long.  It’s 9 feet wide.

5.  Death Row Inmates are not allowed to smoke cigarettes.

6.  Death Row inmates can have a 13 inch TV in their cells.  No cable, though.  No DISH TV.

7.  Florida Death Row has no air conditioning.

8.  Death Row inmates are checked for a count every hour, 24/7. 

9.  Death Row inmates in Florida get a shower, every other day.

10.  The only time that a Death Row inmate isn’t in his or her cell is (1) for showers; (2) visits with lawyers, media interviews, visits for social reasons (family, friends); and (3) exercise time.  Also, if they need medical attention they are moved from their cells.  Otherwise, they spend all their time in their cell.  

Go here to watch a virtual tour of a Florida Death Row cell.