This week, Terence Lenamon and Melissa Ortiz are defending Rod Ferrell in his resentencing hearing in Lake County, Florida.

Rod Ferrell Defense Begins Tomorrow

Today, the State rested. Over the next two days or so, the defense will present their experts and civilian witnesses in the State of Florida vs. Roderick Ferrell, Case No. 1996-CF-1913 in the Circuit Count of the Fifth Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida, Lake County.

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Vampire Clan Movies

Many may recognize the name Rod Ferrell, who was tried and sentenced in the infamous Vampire Clan case as discussed in the above news stories and whose story served as the basis of a 2002 cult-movie favorite, “Vampire Clan” and the 1999 TV movie “The Vampire Murders,” described as a movie… [a]bout a loose-knit gang of teenagers from Murray, Kentucky, known as the “Vampire Clan”. In 1998, the leader Rod Ferrell pleaded guilty to the double slaying becoming the youngest person in the United States on Death Row.”

There is also a documentary, “Devil in Disguise,” based upon the case.


This week, there was an Orlando Sentinel op-ed on police excessive force in the arrest of Markeith Loyd that is of interest.
Entitled “The uncomfortable truth about the capture of Markeith Loyd, it is written by Rhetta Peoples, guest columnist for the Orlando Sentinel,  and a “… journalist for the Black Press, activist and the owner of a boutique marketing firm in Orlando.”

What Do You Think?  Watch the Video that Ms. Peoples Describes as Police Excessive Force

To see the force used by law enforcement on Markeith Loyd, check out the video shown during Terence Lenamon’s interview by the Law & Crime Network, beginning at 11:11 of the 15:11 video as Terry explains things:


Terence Lenamon was victorious in his fight against capital punishment for Markeith Loyd (see our earlier posts for details about the case).  What was the jury thinking when jurors returned to the courtroom, announcing a decision against the death penalty?

Death Penalty Closing Argument by Terence Lenamon (Result: Jury Nixes Death Penalty)

Here’s the defense closing argument, shared by the Law & Crime Network in a live feed saved on its YouTube channel:

Terence Lenamon presented the defense’s opening statement in the death penalty trial of State of Florida v. Markeith Loyd today, and you can watch Terry’s opening via this YouTube capture of the live courtroom proceedings (Terry begins at the 14:33 mark, immediately after the state’s opening statement):

Yesterday, the Law & Crime Network announced on Twitter that it will be covering the Death Penalty Trial of Florida v. Markeith Loyd.

Twitter Announcement of Live Coverage

The October 8, 2019, tweet:

THIRD LIVE TRIAL on Law&Crime: FL v. #MarkeithLoyd. We could see a jury seated on Thursday. Loyd on trial for the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon. He’ll face a separate trial for the murder of Lt. Debra Clayton who was shot & killed while Loyd was on the run.

Where Loyd Trial Can Be Seen Live

Here where the live trial can be seen via the Law&Crime Network — note it’s available on phones (iPhones and android), as well as ROKU, Amazon FireTV, and other streaming devices as well as on Amazon’s Video on Demand and the REV cable network: 


This week, Terry Lenamon continues work in the courtroom as jury selection continues in the Markeith Loyd trial.  It’s reported that picking a jury will take several weeks. Part of the reason it will take so long is because the judge has ruled that the jury will be sequestered during the trial.

What is Jury Sequestration?

Jury sequestration involves the trial judge ordering that the jurors (once selected) be protected from things that might impact their decision-making outside of what they will hear as evidence in the courtroom as the trial proceeds, or after both sides have rested and the case is sent to the jury for deliberations.  The jurors do not pay for this; the government underwrites the expense.  This can involve not only their stay in a private hotel room, but providing protection at all times, and periodic field trips to help morale as time passes.  Jurors are allowed limited visits or conversations with their loved ones, and they do not get unlimited access to the internet since that might reveal something outside of trial evidence which could influence their decision.  Potential jurors who would be harmed by being sequestered (hardship) are not required to be sequestered (this is the judge’s decision).

Examples of Sequestered Juries

Three well-known past criminal cases involving sequestered juries include the O.J. Simpson criminal trial; the Casey Anthony trial; and the Bill Cosby case.  It is said the Simpson trial involved the longest time for a jury to be sequestered, at 265 days.

The federal government has announced it will begin executions again this year using a single drug, pentobarbital, as its lethal injection method.  The source of that pentobarbital is not known, but many assume it will come from a supplier being used by many other states for their lethal injection protocols:  the “compounding pharmacy.”  For details, read “Why the Justice Department’s Plan to Use a Single Drug for Lethal Injections Is Controversial,” written by Joshua Bates and published by TIME on July 29, 2019.

Lethal Injection Methods: The Drugs Are an Issue

Different states choose different formulas for their lethal injection executions.  The Death Penalty Information Project has a nice chart that provides details.

For many, the focus here has been on the drugs themselves and how horrific their use can be — alone, or in tandem with other drugs in the execution “cocktail.”  And that’s a valid concern.

Lethal Injection Methods: The Source of the Drugs Is A Separate Concern

Here’s another one:  the supplier of these lethal injection drugs is not regulated as are the big drug companies.  Compounding pharmacies are becoming more and more popular in this country as a source of the deadly drugs needed for official killings.  Safety guidelines may or may not be followed by compounding pharmacies with horrific consequences.

To learn more about the problem of compounding pharmacies — both for government executions and generally as a source for health care services, as well — watch the informative and terrifying video from HBO – Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver on YouTube (click on the image to view):




For those following the ongoing death penalty trial of Markeith Loyd in Florida, the following four court filings by Terence Lenamon, attorney for the defense, have been uploaded into Terry Lenamon’s Online Library as a public service:


Death Penalty Trial: Motion Regarding Metal Detectors; read the full text of the motion as filed of record here:



Other court filings by the defense for Markeith Loyd include:

Click on the above links to read these filings in their entirety.