The death penalty trial of Markeith Loyd for the death of Orlando Police Officer Debra Clayton has been reset by the Honorable Leticia Marques to October 8, 2021, when jury selection will begin in the case of State of Florida vs. Markeith Loyd.  Terence Lenamon serves as defense counsel in this case.

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Media coverage of this week’s hearing regarding the new trial setting included Terence Lenamon’s statements during the hearing regarding critical issues involved in this death penalty defense matter.   See, e.g.,Trial date set for Markeith Loyd in killing of Orlando police officer,” written by Holly Bristow and published by FOX-35 Orlando on April 26, 2021.

They include the following, issues which dovetail with national concerns regarding capital cases in this country:

1. Excessive Force by the Police

One defense argument involves excessive force by the police when Mr. Loyd was taken into custody.  Markeith Loyd lost his eye as a result of being kicked in the face by law enforcement.  For more, read Markeith Loyd Death Penalty Trial: Motions Filed Regarding Investigation into Excessive Force During Apprehension.

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2.  Insanity at the Time of the Incident

Another defense argument involves an insanity defense and Loyd’s position that he was acting in self-defense when Officer Clayton approached him.   For more, read Markeith Loyd Notice of Intent to Rely on Insanity Defense Filed by Terence Lenamon.

The trial is expected to last four to six weeks.