The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty is the only fully-staffed national organization working to abolish capital punishment in the United States.  Its annual conference starts today and runs through the weekend.   Sister Helen Prejean is the keynote speaker this year, she’s always wonderful — and if I didn’t have courtroom commitments, I would love to hear Sister Helen today. 

What’s the NCADP?

Formed in 1976 (yes, in conjunction with the reinstatement of the death penalty by the United States Supreme Court), the NCADP has grown to become a tremendous force in the efforts to stop government executions in our country.  (The NCADP also works toward ending capital punishment in other countries around the world.) 

From the hub of its wheel spring the various state Coalitions (New Mexico Coaltion to End the Death Penalty, Kentucky Coalition to End the Death Penalty, etc.), and through NCADP’s efforts, a tremendous amount of information regarding capital punishment is corraled and distributed.  Its website alone is a treasure of current news on death row events, legislative and judicial updates, and other important items of interest to those working to end the death penalty in this country. 

What’s Happening at the Conference?

This year’s conference is being held in Louisville, Kentucky, and will include the following: 

The annual meeting of the NCADP isn’t free – it’s one of the big moneymakers for the non-profit organization, in fact.  It’s definitely a worthy effort, and worth your time and money if you have any chance of getting to Louisiana over the next few days. 

Follow NCADP on Twitter as well as YouTube and its blog, Abolish the Death Penalty.