Investigative journalist M William Phelps just released a book about the Josh Fulgham case — a capital case that Terence Lenamon tried as Fulgham’s criminal defense lawyer in the death penalty case. (We’ve been posting about Terry’s defense in the Fulgham case here.)

Result?  Another victory for Terry over the state’s seeking of

We’re getting information now about how the death penalty and capital punishment fared in 2014.   The first quarterly report from the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund has been released.


image: Cell on Florida’s Death Row

U.S. Death Row Populations: Most in California, 43% White

From it, we now have statistical confirmation that there

The Death Penalty Information Center keeps track of executions in the United States and you can review the list, which includes name, date of death, which state executed the person, and more online here (click on the image):


A documentary worth your time to watch, here’s the description from YouTube:

Robert Sullivan (EXECUTED), Dane T. Gafford (Danny Gafford( (INCARCARATED), and Dennis Whitney (DIED A PRISONER) tell their stories about the DEATH PENALTY and is it right or wrong. Filmed in 1980, “On Location: Death Row Florida State Prison”, represents the first time

 Florida Governor Rick Scott delayed the execution of Marshall Lee Gore back in mid-August, writing a letter to the Florida State Prison warden with a re-set of the execution day to October 1, 2013.

Gore Gets 20 More Days of Life In Controversial Circumstance

This happened shortly after the Florida Supreme Court ruling that considered