All this morning, there have been almost minute by minute updates on the web regarding whether or not the appellate attorneys feverishly fighting to stop this morning’s execution of Kenneth Biros by the State of Ohio will be successful.  Biros’ attorneys are literally banging on the doors of the United States Supreme Court, asking that the highest court in the land act immediately to stay the execution of Ken Biros — who is set to die this morning  (the execution is scheduled for 11 am) unless something BIG happens.  And this needs to be stopped.  We’ve already written here about all the reasons why. The State of Ohio is about to execute a man in the same way that the vet down the street “executes” pets everyday – by a single, massive injection of a drug.  As we’ve posted about before, no one knows how a human being will react to this procedure.  It hasn’t been scrunitized in the standard legal way — Ohio is allowing Biros to be a guinea pig.  Will this be cruel and unusual?  We don’t know. The New York Times legal blog has periodic updates.  A local TV station in Ohio has a reporter at the prison.  The Tribune Chronicle in Lucasville is posting almost minute by minute events as they transpire.    At 9:20 am, prison officials announced that the execution might be delayed – Ohio would wait until the United States Supreme Court ruled on the defense attorneys’ last minute request.  At 10:00 am, it was announced that the United States Supreme Court will not stop the killing of Kenneth Biros by an unvetted execution method.  Ken Biros will die today.  And the horror exists — if this single injection method is later shown to be legally unacceptable as a method of executing humans, there will be no way to help Mr. Biros.   May God have mercy on us all.