The death vans that cruise around China, killing people for all sorts of crimes and then harvesting their organs for sale on the human organ black market, was so shocking to us when intern Sin-Ting Mary Liu described the efforts, that we posted a long series here, excerpts from her excellent work – complete with the footnotes — giving all the details on what was going on over there.

Here are the links:

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In Depth Look at the Law: China’s Death Penalty -2: Truly Inhumane Killings Are Happening in China Under the Guise of Capital Punishment

In Depth Look at the Law: China’s Death Penalty – 3: Who are the Falun Gong? Why are they targeted for execution and organ harvesting?

Found: One Recent In-depth Article on the China Death Vans. Who’s Covering the Story? Tibet. And They’ve Researched Death Vans Back to the Nazis.

In Depth Look at the Law: China Death Vans and Harvesting Prisoner Organs for Profit

In Depth Look at the Law: China Death Vans and China’s Widespread Corruption – There is No Fairness in China’s Criminal Justice System

In Depth Look at the Law: Secrecy in China – Successfully Hiding the Truth About Executions for Profit from the World

Suddenly, News that China’s High Court is Setting Death Penalty Guidelines

Now, there’s news that China’s high court has called for mercy in death penalty cases — in fact, the Supreme People’s Court has issued guidelines for lower courts to follow.  They include instructions that the death penalty should be reserved for cases with "valid and ample evidence" of the particular crime committed. And only crimes that are "extremely serious" should warrant the penalty of death. Minors and elders should not be executed. 

Here’s Our Question: What’s Been Done About the Human Organ Harvesting?

We welcome the news that China’s highest judicial body is implementing guidelines for capital punishment and that MERCY is being recognized. However, the hidden agenda in all the Chinese executions didn’t appear to be the legal boundaries set by Chinese law so much as the tremendous amount of PROFIT that was available in the sale of human organs for transplant in the black market.

What’s being done about that horror?  And, without cutting the head off that snake, aren’t the sinister death vans just going to impose whatever crimes are within the guidelines to get the product that they’ve found so lucrative to sell worldwide?