Last year, we had a series of in-depth articles posted over several weeks discussing capital punishment in China, and the horrific reality of the China Death Vans.  Please take the time to read thru this information — information that we found was simply not covered to any great extent in the mainstream media.

China Death Vans and the Harvesting of Human Organs for the Global Transplant Black Market

Fueling the China death penalty is the demand for human transplant organs around the world.  Mobile vans literally roam the Chinese countryside, efficiently harvesting these organs from men and women grabbed off rural roadways and in village squares.  (This is documented, read our series for details.)

This week, China Announces Limiting the Crimes Carrying Death Penalty

Beijing’s China Daily now reports that China will be cutting back on the number of death penalty crimes  — and may abolish capital punishment for anyone already convicted who is over 70 years old.  A draft of the new legislation is reported to be submitted sometime in August to China’s Parliament. 

Details on what crimes are being taken off the death penalty list were not found in the news release; however, it is known that 68 different crimes carry the death penalty in China right now — and 44 of them are for non-violent acts. 

Will this really happen? What About the Human Transplant Organ Market?

Right now, the legislation is still in draft form, with no clear language and no clear date on when it will be voted upon by the National People’s Congress of China. 

Based upon the information we’ve gathered and shared, perhaps the real question is:  how will the black market demand for human transplant organs be met if the China Death Vans are no long a major supplier? 

Let us watch and pray.