Real People and Real Families: The Reality of Death Row 

 Recently, the Marshall Project published an article written by Death Row inmate Timothy White entitled, "Why We Can’t Have Nice Things on Death Row."  Mr. White resides on the North Carolina Death Row, located in Raleigh, North Carolina’s Central Prison.  

It’s a good read and a well-written piece.  

Documentary Series on Death Row

However, for those interested in more details about how Death Row works, there is also a series of BBC documentary episodes being provided by National Geographic Channel and Fox

Check out the details here.  

These are collected under the name "Life and Death Row," and they delve into different aspects of the realities of Death Row in this country.

For instance, Season One’s Execution is an episode that deals with two of the youngest men living on Death Row in Texas.

Season Two has an episode where Texas Death Row inmate named Daniel Lopez works to stop any attempts to stay or thwart his execution. (Mr. Lopez was executed in 2015).

Season Three devotes one episode to how the impending execution date impacts not only the inmate but their families.  Will the lethal injection work properly, wonders the sister of Jack Jones.  

There are more.  These are well worth your time if you want to understand how Death Row impacts so many people, in so many horrific ways.  

Here’s an excerpt from "The Day Before:"