On Friday, Tajuane Dubose, 23, escaped the penalty of death.  Today, Florida Judge Page Haddock will sentence his brother Terrell Dubose, 21, — but the judge has already stated from the bench that Terrell will also be spared death, and likewise sentenced to life in prison.

The Jury Said No to the Death Penalty for these two boys

Tajuane and Terrell, with their brother Rasheem Dubose, 25, have been found guilty of first degree murder in the death of 8 year old DreShawna Davis, who died during a drive-by shooting in her grandmother’s home back in 2006.  Evidence during the guilt phase of the trial revealed that the bullets were meant for her uncle, who had robbed Rasheem earlier in the day and forced him to drop his pants. 

Rasheem will hear the jury’s decision on whether or not Rasheem should receive the death penalty tomorrow.  Under Florida law, Judge Haddock will then sentence Rasheem based upon the jury’s recommendations.

A separate jury is deciding Rasheem Dubose’s fate.  One jury made the sentencing decisions for both Tajuane Dubose and Terrell Dubose — and that jury has already revealed that mitigating factors in its decision included (1) these two didn’t fire the fatal shots and (2) the details regarding the brothers’ childhood and background — resulting in an almost unanimous jury decision that these two boys should not be subjected to death at the hands of the State of Florida.

Now, we await the decision of another jury about another Dubose brother.  May they be merciful, as well.