Terence Lenamon is one busy trial lawyer; right now, he defending a man named Michael Woods who faces the death penalty in a trial that is set to begin on October 14, 2013 for the murder of Toni Centracco in a killing that prosecutors charge occurred during the commission of a burglary of a home in Ocala, Florida.

To see Terry and his co-defense counsel James Reich on the job, check out the photo here, during a hearing on Monday. (Reich is the defense lawyer for the guilt phase; Lenamon is the defense lawyer for the penalty phase (if the trial goes that far).)
Challenge to Constitutionality of Death Penalty
Terry is arguing that the death penalty is unconstitutional as it is applied in the 5th Judicial District of the State of Florida based on racial discrimination.  
The motion filed in support of this position (soon to be in the Online Library) argues that in this jurisdiction (the 5th Judicial District), statistics are that capital punishment is sought 4 times more often if the defendant is non-white and charged with killing a single white female than any other racial combination of defendant/victim.
The entire Motion (with its Supporting Affidavit) will be published in the Terence Lenamon Online Library at no charge as a public service to those interested in death penalty issues.  
Stay tuned to learn the judge’s decision on this motion, it’s expected within the week.