The Senate has passed the Timely Justice Bill and now all that it needs to become Florida law is the approval of Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Today, there is an excellent piece in the Sun Sentinel on what this means to justice in the Sunshine State:  it’s written by  Gary Stein and it’s worth your time to read.

Go here to read "Florida’s fast track death penalty bill is blood-thirsty form of justice."

If that doesn’t sway you that this fast tracking executions might not be the best thing to do, then consider the arguments made by former Florida Death Row resident Seth Penalver this week, a man acquitted last December after serving a good part of his life under the penalty of death for a crime he did not commit.  

Read Seth Penalver’s story here.

Read Seth Penalver’s message to Governor Rick Scott about the Timely Justice Bill here.

Have your own message for Governor Scott?  Click here to reach him by email.