Below, information that I have sent to friends and colleagues throughout the State of Florida which I want to share with my blog readers as well:

I am ecstatic to share the victory of Grady Nelson for death penalty litigation. (See "Novel Defense Helps Spare Perpetrator of Grisly Murder," by David Ovalle in the Miami Herald, December 11, 2010)

I am hopeful that Mr. Nelson’s case is significant and symbolic of our important duty to leave no stone unturned no matter the cost or time involved.

With that in mind, Cynthia Oshea and I will be traveling throughout the State — in the upcoming weeks to Sarasota, Fort Myers, Orlando, Bartow, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Pensacola — visiting with colleagues and whoever else will have us with the hope of embracing others to join Florida Capital Resource Center

As you know, the Florida Capital Resource Center is a non-profit organization I founded with a goal of insuring just and unwavering representation of death-eligible defendants.  For details, please visit the organization’s official website at

Additionally, this month the Florida Capital Resource Center welcomed its new Regional Directors (highlighted), who join the current Regional Directors in working toward its worthwhile goals:

  •  Bruce Fleisher
  • Jeff Weinkle
  • Jason Blank
  • Robert Brock
  • Stuart Adelstein
  • Rosalie Bolin
  • David S. Markus
  • Kate Oshea
  • Paula Black 
  • Rick Sichta

 Stay tuned for more information regarding the Florida Capital Resource Center as Florida capital defense attorneys join together in the effort to combat the current crisis in indigent defense facing this nation today.