The Death Penalty Information Center website is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about capital punishment in the United States.  And the site just keeps getting better.  

They’ve got site-specific pages for each state, for one thing.

DPIC State-Specific Page: Florida

There’s a great deal of Florida Death Penalty information collected on the DPIC Florida page, great info like:

  • Death Sentences List
  • Exonerations List
  • Time Line for Capital Punishment in Florida
  • and links to other resources — among them, the Florida Capital Resource Center (which Terence Lenamon founded several years ago). 

And there’s a specific page dedicated to the impact of Hurst on Florida’s Death Row that is especially informative. 

DPIC Impact of Hurst Page 

The page dedicated to the impact of Hurst provides a complete list of the Florida Death Row Inmates who may be impacted by the SCOTUS ruling in Hurst.  

And at the top, it gives the date of its last update and the status of these prisoners’ cases.

For instance, on July 13, 2017:

  • Total number of prisoners whose cases have been reviewed in light of Hurst:  119 
  • Number of prisoners who have obtained relief under Hurst:  99 (83.19%)
  • Number of prisoners who have been denied relief under Hurst:  20 (16.81%)

Go check it out.  Just more great work by the DPIC.