As is being reported in the Miami Herald, my client Richard Wolfferts does have a past.  Twenty years ago, back in 1989, a bomb was placed in a car driven by Miami divorce lawyer Gino Negretti  – and Dick Wolfferts admitted to planting that bomb.  He served five years in prison, and he offered state’s evidence against the man that he testified paid him to do the job. 

Now 67 years old and living in Key Largo, Richard Wolfferts has paid his debt to society and like many other senior citizens in our area, loves the sun and likes to fish. 

When Mr. Wolfferts was indicted this fall as part of “Operation Melon Smasher” (a DEA operation tracking down those individuals who were allegedly hollowing out melons to store cocaine in melon shipments from Panama to the US), I was happy to represent him.   And sure enough, despite what the grand jury may have believed, the two co-defendants in the Melon Smasher case told federal law enforcement authorities that Dick Wolfferts knew nothing of the cocaine enterprise.  Dick Wolfferts was in Panama getting money to fund a new commercial fishing operation.

On December 9th, fisherman Wolfferts was released.  Now, he could resume his plans for a new fishing boat, aptly named “the Resurrection.” 

Seeing Richard Wolfferts a free man, instead of continuing to face charges for being partly responsible for sneaking cocaine into this country via hollowed out melons, was a great thing.  That’s a good day in this job. 

When everyone in my office started bouncing around in excitement to see 20 fresh stone crabs being delivered, a gift from Richard Wolfferts, that was just icing on the cake. 

A happy client enjoying his freedom out on the streets, especially in time for Christmas, is a great thing.  20 stone crabs admist the usual poinsettias, fruitcakes, and chocolates?  Priceless.  (And tasty.)

Thanks for the gift, Richard Wolfferts — and Happy New Year to everyone!!!!