More great news to share with you all:  I’m honored to have been invited to speak by Professor Owen D. Jones, who teaches a class at Vanderbilt Law School on Law and the Brain and is working with several of his colleagues at Vanderbilt in preparing a law school coursebook on the subject.

This April, I will be the guest speaker (and afterward, lead a discussion) to this group of Vanderbilt law students, sharing my experiences not only as a capital trial lawyer but also as a death-qualified advocate considered to be, in the words of Professor Jones, "…at the front line of law and neuroscience." 

Of course, one of the big issues on the table will be our recent victory against the death penalty in the Grady Nelson trial and our precedent-setting introduction of QEEG brain mapping technology into mitigation efforts during its penalty phase

To have anyone consider my life’s work and label me as a leader on the front lines of law and neuroscience would be wonderful, but to have Professor Owen D. Jones of Vanderbilt University do so is rather humbling. 

Professor Jones is, after all, not only a full Professor of Biological Sciences at this prestigious university, he is also their New York Alumni Chancellor’s Chair in Law as well as Director of the MacArthur Foundation Law and Neuroscience Project.

I am truly, truly honored to have received this invitation from a man of this stature, for whom I have such respect, and I am both excited and dedicated to sharing what I know about the intertwining of brain science and mitigating factors in death penalty trials with these students at Vanderbilt University.