When I checked my blog this morning, I was surprised to find a large number of responses to my posts. I was also pleased to find that the majority of the posts were thoughtful, measured, and reasoned responses.

Predictably, a number of responses were in regard to the Casey Anthony case. Although this case has touched deep emotions in those who follow it, this blog is not, and cannot be, about any Anthony family members. There are many good forums out there for that topic. This is not one of them.

This blog will talk about recent events and cases in the context of the death penalty. Hopefully, this blog will be a resource for you on capital punishment. This topic has ramifications at many levels in our lives: legal, moral, religious, social, and psychological. We can learn from each other as well as recent cases. There is more than enough to explore in these areas.

That said, here are the rules for getting your comments posted in the blog.

1. First, no responses that proclaim the innocence or guilt of an accused party will be published. That is not our job. It is ultimately the job of twelve good citizens who are willing to undertake that task.

2. Second, no comments speculating about evidence is likely to be published. Evidence is not the latest news report. It is not our job to determine what is evidence. That task is at the discretion of the trial judge, subject to codes such as the Florida Rules of Evidence or the Federal Rules of Evidence.

3. Third, off topic posts will not be published. Assuredly, there are blogs out there in the blog-o-sphere on those topics. Please post to them.

4. Finally, critical comments will be published but no responses containing pejorative comments about other posters, lawyers, judges, public figures, etc. are likely to be posted. This topic deserves critical thinking. Please give it the dignity and depth of thought that it deserves.

Responding to the Comments

I will make every effort to respond to comments promptly. However, I am an active trial lawyer with a family deserving of my time, as well. I hope to turnaround responses to comments within 24 to 48 hours – with the caveat that if I am traveling or in trial, that time frame will have to bend.

Lastly, thank you for reading and participating in this blog.