Since the inception of this blog, I have enlisted the services of Texas attorney and writer Reba Kennedy – not only because I don’t have the luxury of a set weekly schedule as a trial lawyer, but also because Reba understands things that I do not: using hypertext (what?), optimization for the search engines, all those web writing details. We’re both AV-Preeminent rated attorneys, so she understands the law part, but as a professional writer she also understanding things about blog writing that I don’t (and probably never will).

Reba and I are now in the midst of writing a book together dealing with indigent defense issues in capital cases which our publisher hopes to have available before the end of 2011. We’re also beginning to co-author magazine articles dealing with various aspects of capital punishment in the United States today.

It’s a new year. With this working collaboration, coupled with my trial schedule and growing commitment to my non-profit corporation, the Florida Capital Resource Center, we’ve agreed it is best if Reba becomes a recognized contributor to the Death Penalty Blog as of January 2011.

Rest assured that I’m not abandoning ship here. This remains Terry Lenamon on the Death Penalty. The only change is that Reba’s always been around, behind the scenes – she’s taking a more visible and active role now.    

Please make her welcome!