More and more, we are receiving email requests from folk that would like to write a guest post here on the Death Penalty Blog.  Right off the bat, please know that we consider it an honor that anyone would be interested in taking the time and effort to write something for publication here.

To all that have sent requests, thank you.

However, Terry has dedicated this site to capital punishment issues and he feels it’s important that we keep to that important topic, in all its nuances.  Therefore, some of the requests must be declined because they delve into issues outside of the death penalty area.  However valid and valuable they may be, we must forego publishing these proposed articles – though again, thank you for your offer.  Sincerely.


Guidelines for Guest Posts

For those who have an interest in writing about capital punishment or death penalty issues, both here or in other parts of the world, please feel free to join our new Guest Blogger roster.  We welcome writers who have something to say about the death penalty today and invite you to contact Reba Kennedy (contact info below) if you are interested in posting here at Terry’s death penalty blog.

Our posts appear twice a week, and are intentionally limited to certain topics.  Accordingly, we ask that any guest posts also follow these guidelines:

  1. You must have your own website, blog site, Facebook page, Twitter account, or other online presence that we can link with, for the convenience of our readers – we cannot accept anonymous guest post writers;
  2. You supply a brief biography (and we welcome a pix of yourself if you have one) to highlight who you are and why the readers can trust your article or opinion;
  3. Your post must be at least 250 words and no more than 1200 words;
  4. We respectfully reserve the right to edit all submissions; and
  5. Your post must be original and must include links to support its factual statements, etc. especially any quotes, as the parameters of the fair use doctrine and copyright law (e.g., plagarism) must be maintained.

Guest Blogger Roster Will Appear in the Sidebar

Those who have, and will, post here as guest writers will be spotlighted in the blog’s sidebar as Guest Writers.  Their names within that listing will be linked to their website/blog/Facebook etc. for reader convenience.

For more information or to discuss a possible guest post here, please feel free to contact Reba Kennedy at reba@rebakennedy.com.

2012 UPDATE:

This invitation is limited to those actively involved in some way with the issues surrounding the death penalty or capital punishment either in the United States or abroad.  The above-referenced website link must be connected to this topic, either pro or con.

2020 UPDATE:

We have suspended our invitation for guest posts until further notice.




Terry and Reba