James Alan Fox gave everyone a head’s up in his Boston Globe piece today:  he’ll be in Florida this weekend, visiting Florida’s Death Row

Who the heck is James Alan Fox?

To many, he’s known as the "Dean of Death," because of his extensive work in the study of mass murder in this country.  To some, he’s known as Professor, since he teaches criminology at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, where he has also served as dean. 

Professor Fox is also recognized for his extensive writings dealing with crime and criminals, including 15 books, countless op-ed pieces in various national publications, and his current column in the Boston Globe, "Crime and Punishment," which appears a blog on Boston.com.

What’s James Alan Fox Doing at Florida’s Death Row?

From what he’s hinted about in today’s post, he’s going to be talking to lots and lots of people who are waiting for the State of Florida to kill them.  He’s already begun his discussion of the number of individuals setting on Death Row, and how many years they’ve been there. 

Of course, he’s not focusing his efforts solely on Florida.  He’s also referenced the status of California’s Death Row (if you follow this blog, you know what this means) and he’s pointed out that there is a movement to reinstate the death penalty in his home state, Massachusetts.

Let’s See What James Alan Fox Has to Report After His Florida Death Row Visit

It’s not clear from what Professor Fox wrote today exactly when his series on capital punishment will begin.  Let’s keep watch on Boston.com — because what he will be writing will be worth our time to read.