Terry Lenamon’s client, Michael Lamar Woods, will not be facing the possibility of being sentenced to death in the murder of Toni Centracco — prosecutors have filed the formal notification that in the new trial of Mr. Woods, the state will no longer seek the death penalty.

As you may recall from our earlier post, after a long courtroom fight and lots of jury deliberation time, the Woods jury was released and Terence Lenamon’s request for a mistrial was granted after one of the jurors used the internet to do research on definitions given to the jury by the judge.  

Terry’s work isn’t done though.  Michael Woods is still facing the death penalty in another murder trial where he is charged with the killings of Toni Centracco’s boyfriend Marshall Pardee and Chyavana Hampton.  

For Terry’s take on the Woods case – and what the dismissed jurors told news media after they were released from the courtroom on how they would have voted if they case had gone to verdict, go here to read the report by April Warren in the Ocala Star Journal.