Three new motions have been filed in the defense of Markeith Loyd in his death penalty trial by Terence Lenamon. These have all been placed in Terry’s Online Library as a courtesy, as filed of record with the Orange County Clerk’s Office.

Also included in the Online Library update is Amendment Six (6) to the Florida Supreme Court’s Emergency COVID-19 Administrative Order, issued August 12, 2020, by Chief Justice Canady.

These motions, as well as other pending motions filed by the defense in the Loyd Trial, are scheduled to be heard on September 29, 2020.

1.  Motion for Appointment of Expert Statistician to Help Defense Assess Jury Selection Data to Support Constitutional Violations Resulting From Emergency COVID Orders


2. Motion to Have Clerk Gather and Share Data Regarding Jurors and Jury Selection Process

3. Motion for Court Order Finding Florida Supreme Court COVID-19 Emergency Administrative Order Re Jury Selection Violates Florida and U.S. Constitutions