Granted, the end of the O.J. Simpson murder trial saw Detective Mark Fuhrman with a very spotted reputation. However, in the many years since that Trial of the Century, Fuhrman has worked hard to build a career, and a reputation, based upon solid facts and hard work. The Martha Moxley case comes to mind as one of his turning points.  His courageous book exposing the corruption of death penalty prosecutions in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma is well done, and well worth your time.

Today, many people respect what Mark Fuhrman has to say about crime — and perhaps that will be to the benefit of everyone when his new book is released next month.

Entitled The Murder Business: High Profile Crimes and The Corruption of Justice, Fuhrman reviews several big criminal cases and how the media crosses the line from reporting the news to building an audience through spin and entertainment.  

He’s talking about trial by media in the following cases, whose names you will recognize: Caylee Anthony, Drew Peterson, Melinda Duckett, Martha Moxley, Scott Peterson, JonBenet Ramsey, Vince Foster, and O.J. Simpson.

With a little tip of the hat to the irony of the media’s coverage of Mark Fuhrman turning him into the household name that may help sell this book, it’s still important to get as many people out there hearing this message as possible .

Trial by media is wrong.   I’m opposed to it and I’ve jumped on my own soapbox about it.  While freedom of the press must be protected, when it turns into a vehicle of entertainment and puffery just to boost advertising dollars, then a line needs to be drawn.  For the sake of justice — something that a trial by media perverts, twists, and all too often, destroys. 

I look forward to reading Mark Fuhrman’s new book when it hits the book stores on November 16th, and I hope you’ll take a look at it too.