There’s a new blog to check out for those who are interested in the death penalty, published by Athina Ouranidou.  It’s entitled "Artists vs. Death Penalty." 

Athina is in her final year as a law student at Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom.  She’s opposed to the death penalty, and has started publishing Artists vs. Death Penalty as a vehicle for artists to share their work, in its various forms, in a stand against the death penalty.  And, of course, as a means to inspire others as well.

Already, Athina reports that her blog has achieved a steady top ranking in Google Everything Search for the phrase, ‘artists death penalty’ and she’s been interviewed by the Greek magazine “Ανεξartητη Γυναίκα της Θεσσαλονίκης” about the blog site (you can read the interview online – check out page 44).

Check it out!