On March 7, 2016, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed the new Florida Death Penalty statute into law.  It is effective immediately.


The New Florida Death Penalty Law

Now, Florida juries must have unanimous agreement that there is at least ONE "aggravating circumstance" before there can be a sentence of death. 

And now, at least 10 jurors have to vote for death sentence (under the old law, you only needed 7).

Finally, some things stay the same:  the jury still recommends while the judge presiding over the capital trial makes the final decision.  He or she can opt for a life sentence instead of death, but cannot choose capital punishment if the jury (now 10 or more) has not voted for the death penalty.

What about all those cases where people were sentenced to death under the old law that the Supreme Court of the United States held to be unconstitutional? 

Well, that’s still subject to debate and not a settled question.