We’ve discussed the importance of scientific study and analysis of brain disorders and brain damage in death penalty defense many times before. 

In fact, you may know Terence Lenamon as one of the pioneers in using QEEG as part of a death penalty defense.  For more on Terry’s experience with QEEG in the courtroom, check out:

Recommended Read:  The Brain Defense by Kevin Davis

Hopefully, the national spotlight on this vital issue will grow with the publication of a new book by journalist Kevin Davis, entitled The Brain Defense: Murder in Manhattan and the Dawn of Neuroscience in America’s Courtrooms.

Of particular note is an entire chapter of the book dedicated to neuroscience and capital punishment in America today.  Davis interviewed Terence Lenamon for the book and its chapter on brain science in death penalty cases.

Lenamon Discusses QEEG and Grady Nelson Case in The Brain Defense

Of particular note to readers is Terry Lenamon’s in-depth discussion of his defense of Grady Nelson and his defense reasoning and strategy in both the guilt and sentencing phases of that trial. 

QEEG was an important factor in the Florida death penalty trial of Grady Nelson.  Terry discusses how it impacted that result (death was denied) as well as how vital QEEG is to the future of death penalty defense. 

You can get the book on Amazon as well as read an excerpt from the book and its growing number of positive reviews there: