Indigent Defense in Capital Cases

New York Times columnist Adam Liptak once again does us all a great service by bringing the national media spotlight to bear upon the crisis facing Cory R. Maples, who sets today on Alabama’s Death Row. 

Sullivan & Cromwell Missed the Deadline to Appeal

Maples’ case currently awaits the determination of the United States Supreme

California attorney Brad Levenson, a federal public defender, was revealed this week to be the new head of a brand new agency over in Texas: the Office of Capital Writs.  Levenson starts work on September 1st.

Texas’ Office of Capital Writs is an Attempt to Solve the Indigent Defense Crisis – In Part


Georgia Defendant Jamie R. Weis is getting lots of media attention today, as an article written by Adam Liptak in yesterday’s New York Time’s Sidebar column is being republished and discussed all over the country. 

What NYT’s Liptak has done is place a spotlight upon a case that has been pending before the U.S. Supreme

Before I begin to get queries on the recent departure of Andrea Lyons from the Casey Anthony Defense Team (since both Ms. Lyon and I served as death penalty qualified counsel for Casey Anthony at one point), I ask that anyone interested read the quote that I gave to Anthony Colarossi of the Orlando Sentinel:

There’s a new judge in the Casey Anthony case — Judge Belvin Perry — and he looks to be running a tight ship.  Despite defense counsel requests that hearings on defense costs be private, Judge Perry has ordered that an upcoming hearing on how Casey Anthony’s defense will be funded is to be a public

As predicted, coverage is increasing on the impeding June 2010 firing squad execution of Utah’s condemned man, Ronnie Lee Gardner.  The idea that a man will die by bullets instead of injected poison is shocking many – and there’s already chatter about a firing squad being unconstitutionally cruel.

Appeal Points to the Elephant in

(For details on this issue, please read the longer article at our JDSupra repository.)

 JAC gets national recognition in the Casey Anthony case

Florida’s Justice Administrative Commission received a significant amount of media coverage recently when it became involved in the Casey Anthony case, providing the trial court judge with the official

Justice Raoul Cantero III knows his stuff: he’s served as a justice on the Florida Supreme Court. So does Mark Schlakman, who has been a senior program director at the Center for the Advancement of Human Rights at Florida State University. When these two team up to write an opinion piece, you betcha I’m gonna