Heinous, atrocious and cruel – these words describe the crimes that Terence ("Terry") Lenamon defends on a daily basis as one of Florida’s select group of death-qualified attorneys.

Terry achieved national recognition as a death-qualified defense trial lawyer with his representation of some of Florida’s most well-known and most reviled defendants. His cases have aired on the First 48, Caso Cerrado, Issues with Jane Velasuez Mitchell, and Nancy Grace.  His clients have included Casey Anthony, Yvette Yallico, Cesar Mena, and Harrell Brady, the infamous "Miami Strangler."

In this book, he has chronicled some of his most challenging cases.

These cases offer a fascinating insider’s look at the workings of a death penalty prosecution. This is a world that most people never get to see, and a world that most people would like to pretend does not exist. Terry and his team take the reader on journeys to discover how their clients ended up facing death row.

These cases explore the much deeper issues of compassion, forgiveness, retribution, and revenge. The defense of people accused of horrific crimes often requires a deeply critical look at how we as a society treat some of our most damaged and weakest members. As their defender, Terry does not attempt to justify or excuse their crimes, but to offer sometimes disturbing insights into how these fellow human beings came to his figurative doorstep. No matter what your stance is on the death penalty, this book is a must read for those interested in the workings of our criminal justice system and capital crimes defense. These stories represent a fraction of his cases.

Terry is a Board Certified criminal defense attorney practicing in Miami, Florida. Terry has first-chaired over 100 jury trials in his 17 years practicing law. Terry Lenamon is also founder and the former Executive Director of the Florida Capital Resource Center, a non-profit organization that provides support to Florida death penalty attorneys.

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