For those of you who saw Terry Lenamon during one of his many visits to Nancy Grace several weeks ago, to discuss the Jodi Arias sentencing phase, you may have heard some questions raised on the death penalty application to women as opposed to men.  

Do juries really sentence women to die?  Are women really executed in this country?  

Well, today’s there is an example of a woman not only been sentenced to death but who will be executed for her punishment.  It’s happening today, in Texas.

Kimberly McCarthy was convicted of killing her neighbor during a 1997 robbery where McCarthy was allegedly looking for cash and things to sell to support her drug habit.  McCarthy was tried and convicted and the appellate process went into action.  

However, it appears that all legal avenues have run their course and McCarthy will be executed at six o’clock today by lethal injection.  When this happens, she will make history.

Why?  Today’s execution in Texas will be the 500th execution in the State of Texas since the death penalty was reinstated back in 1982.