There’s a new online resource for those interested in capital punishment and the death penalty here in the United States.  It’s called The Next To Die.

New Death Penalty Online Resource:  The Next to Die

The Next to Die is a site published by The Marshall Project (a non-profit news organization – more about The Marshall Project here) and its partners in the main stream media that include The Tampa Bay Times and the Houston Chronicle. 

What you can find at The Next to Die site:

  1. information about executions that are scheduled with time ticking down;
  2. updates on news coverage for upcoming executions; and
  3. background information on capital punishment (much of it provided by the Death Penalty Resource Center).

Note:  this is NOT a site that takes a position on the death penalty; it is being provided as a news source.  Moral questions aren’t being addressed here.  Its purpose is to “… bring accountability to the death penalty, a punishment that so divides Americans.”