Troy Davis sits on Georgia’s Death Row today with less and less hope to escape execution. 

This week, the United States Supreme Court declined Troy Davis’ request to review the determination by federal trial judge William T. Moore Jr. that the evidence Mr. Davis has accumulated to prove he is innocent of the crime for which he has been sentenced to die is merely "smoke and mirrors.”

This is a very serious turn of events because this may well thwart the last appellate avenue for Troy Davis (for earlier posts on the Troy Davis case, go here).  The great majority of those who testified against Mr. Davis at trial have recanted their testimony.  Some of these witnesses have even gone so far as to suggest that the prosecution’s star witness is the real killer here. 

For many, what Troy Davis has to offer is much more than smoke and mirrors.  Still, the High Court has ruled and now,the question becomes what can be done now to stop what may well be an innocent man from being executed by the State of Georgia.

It may well be that the Governor’s mercy is Troy Davis’ last and only hope.  It is legally possible that the State of Georgia could schedule Mr. Davis’ fourth execution date at any time.