Players in a Death Penalty Case

This just in from Terry, who got the heads up from the show’s producer today:

This Sunday, November 17, 2013, the series Snapped: Killer Couples on Oxygen TV will be spotlighting one of Terence Lenamon’s clients, Joshua Fulgham.  

Be sure to watch!!!

For more on Terry’s defense of Joshua Fulgham, check out our past blog

As reported earlier here on the blog, Terence Lenamon was successful in his arguments to keep Vernon Stevens off of Florida’s Death Row as Mr. Stevens was sentenced to life imprisonment earlier this month.

Meanwhile, news coverage of the James E. Bannister murder case out of Ocala earlier this month had Terry Lenamon’s co-counsel reporting

The Report has been released in the disciplinary proceeding involving former Broward County, Florida judge Ana Gardiner (see our earlier post for details) and you can read the report in its entirety at Terry Lenamon’s Online Library.  

Here’s a key paragraph from the Report, which results in a recommendation that the former trial judge

In Texas not too long ago, Charles Dean Hood lost his appeal for a new trial to the highest state court even though he had evidence that his defense counsel was unaware that at the time of Hood’s criminal trial the judge presiding over that case, Judge Verna Sue Holland, was having an affair with

Trial is over and the judge has followed the jury’s decision regarding sentencing:  Joshua Fulgham will not be sentenced to death but instead will serve life imprisonment (two consecutive terms) for the kidnapping and murder of his wife, Heather Strong.

For details, see the coverage.

Note:  My congratulations to Terry Lenamon – a

This week, the Miami Herald published the opinion piece written by Raoul Cantero, former Florida Supreme Court justice, and Mark R. Schlakman, senior program director for the Center for the Advancement of Human Rights at Florida State University. 

Mr Schlakman also participated in the American Bar Association’s Florida Death Penalty Assessment. You can