Maybe you’ve read some of Carl Hiassen’s thrillers over the years – or maybe your kids have read some of Carl Hiassen’s children’s books (like Flush, Chomp, or Scat).  

If you haven’t, then you just might like to check out (and have a great laugh or two) how Florida is portrayed in Sick Puppy, Skinny Dip, or Bad Monkey.  

Then there’s Carl Hiassen’s column published by the Miami Herald.  Maybe that’s how you recognize his name.

The big thing this week, however, isn’t his regular piece in the paper, or any of his books — it is Carl Hiassen’s op-ed piece on capital punishment in this country, particularly in the State of Florida.

It’s online to read for free, entitled "Let’s put an end to the executions" and it’s worth your time. 

And if HIassen’s words leaving you wanting more, there’s a good summary of where we are with all those drugs being used in the Lethal Injection cocktails in the Tampa Tribune, written by James Rosica, entitled "Secrecy shrouds state’s lethal injection drugs." 

Scary stuff, what is happening in lethal injection executions in this country today.  Very, very scary.