Over at Criminal Justice University, there’s an excellent post discussing the history of the electric chair as a method of execution in this country. 

As Utah faces an execution by firing squad next month, and the media fills with the five recent hangings in Iran as capital punishment, there’s more of a focus upon alternative means to state executions other than the standard toxic injection most commonly used these days.

Entitled, "20 Criminals Executed in the Chair," the article not only provides images that bring back the horrors of this method of execution, it also rings the bell of history.  Many famous – or infamous – individuals met their death by electric chair in this country, among them:

Ted Bundy

Sacco & Vanzetti

Bruno Hauptmann (convicted of the Lindberg baby kidnapping)

Julius & Ethel Rosenberg.

If you have time today, check out the Criminal Justice University article.  Of course, maybe it’s best not to do so over lunch.