It’s only around twenty minutes long, and you can watch it on your phone.  It’s haunting.  Disturbing.  Truth be told, I’m surprised to find how it has left me just a bit shaken, and I worry about bad dreams tonight.  I’ve sent the link over to Terry for him to watch, and if he has time to provide any commentary then I will add it here later.

It is the June 2020 “interview and portrait” of Charlie Jones, who served as warden and importantly for our blog, executor for a great many executions by the electric chair on behalf of the State of Alabama at Holman prison in Atmore, Alabama.

As of the publication of this post, Charlie Jones’ video has had 2,189,214 views.  Watch it here.

This is an interview on the YouTube channel of Mark Laita, which he calls “Soft White Underbelly.”  It’s a series of interviews or documentaries this professional photographer is sharing at no cost to you; well, at least not financially.  The title for the channel comes from a Churchill quote.  As for his reasons and purposes for filming these videos, I’ll leave it to him to explain: watch his channel’s trailer here.