Today, oral argument was presented before the Florida Supreme Court on behalf of Death Row Inmate Timothy Hurst.

Hurst v. Florida Oral Argument Today

This is same Timothy Hurst whose arguments before the United States Supreme Court resulted in the High Court ruling that Florida’s death penalty statute was unconstitutional.

Now, the Florida Supreme Court will decide if the SCOTUS decision opens the way for Timothy Hurst to have another sentencing hearing; or it changes his sentence from death to life without parole; or if there’s a third result.

396 Florida Death Row Inmates Await the Result

It’s a big case: around 400 other Death Row inmates in Florida will watch this case to learn their future in the aftermath of the SCOTUS ruling last fall.

Terence Lenamon / Florida Capital Resource Center Join on Amicus Brief

Terence Lenamon (co-founder) and the Florida Capital Resource Center have joined in this fight via an amicus brief as "friends of the court".

Appearing on the amicus: 

  • Justice Harry Lee Anstead,
  • Judge Rosemary Barkett,
  • Martha Barnett,
  • Talbot D’Alemberte,
  • Hank Coxe,
  • Justice Gerald Kogan,
  • the Florida Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and
  • the Florida Center For Capital Representation.

Complete copies of the Amicus Brief, Appendix, and Motion for Leave to File have been uploaded for public review here today. 

You can read them in the Terence Lenamon Online Library, and see the brief below:

Amended Amicus Brief on Behalf of Appellants in Hurst