TruTV has published a collection of the last words uttered by those executed in various states across this country, just before they died. And while some may feel that these efforts of TruTV are sensational tabloid marketing, ghoulish and crass — there is another argument to be made.

All too often, those living on Death Row are dehumanized. Perhaps dehumanizing here is a simple, human response to a situation where that individual is subject to death at the hands of the government – and therefore, at some level, by you and me. (We the people and all….)

However, when you read the words that these folk have said — just minutes before they meet their Maker — you get a good idea of who they were as people….

Some of them loved their families, and reached out to give them comfort.
Some asked for forgiveness, some spoke of the Lord.
A few said little at all.
Some of them seem bright, some of them seem dull.
Some took responsibility for their crimes, and some did not.

Photographs accompany the collection of statements. It’s a site that is definitely worth your time to visit.