In Florida, there are Death Row inmates who may need new sentencing hearings after the SCOTUS ruling in Hurst that the Florida death penalty statute was unconstitutional.  There are also lots of lawmakers working hard to draft new capital punishment laws. 

We’ve been monitoring all this here on the blog for the past few weeks. 

But what about those pending cases, where the prosecution has sought the death penalty?

Well, here’s an example of what is going on in these cases:  Terence Lenamon has just successfully moved the Florida trial court to re-set the pending capital trial of Michael Woods to October 2016. 

Why?  To give the Florida Legislature time to finalize that revised legislation.

For details, read the February 11, 2016, Ocala Star Banner article by Alan Youngblood, "Convicted murderer Michael Woods to stand trial Oct. 31 for two other deaths; Florida’s pending death sentence legislation among reasons for delay."