Terry Lenamon continues his death penalty defense in the capital case involving Markeith Loyd, a case that is being followed closely by the Florida news media.  Markeith Loyd stands accused of two homicides, one his ex-girlfriend (Sade Dixon) and the other, Orlando police officer Debra Clayton.   The State of Florida is seeking the death penalty in both cases.

It is a case that has been a media focus since December 2016 when there was a nine day “manhunt” by Central Florida law enforcement for Markeith Loyd.  See, “Timeline: How the hunt and capture of Markeith Loyd unfolded: Search began with pregnant woman’s murder,” written by Adrienne Cutway and published by WKMG Click Orlando.

Markeith Loyd Trial Dates

The trial regarding the Sade Dixon homicide is set to begin soon (in September 2019).  The Debra Clayton trial is set for May 2020.

The defense motion that the two trials be combined into a single trial has been denied.  For more, read “Lawyers for Markeith Loyd want to combine killings of Debra Clayton, Sade Dixon into 1 case,” written by Jeff Weiner and published by the Orlando Sentinel on August 5, 2019.

Judge Leticia Marques has set a pre-trial hearing for September 3, 2019, where attorneys for both sides must present a full witness list.

Markeith Loyd Competency Hearing

Terry Lenamon moved for Markeith Loyd to have a mental health evaluation because of concerns regarding his competency to stand trial.  This motion was denied by the trial judge.

For more, see “Judge denies request to combine Markeith Loyd murder trials: Accused killer recently completed mental evaluation” wirtten by Adrienne Cutway and Emilee Speck and published by WKMG ClickOrlando on  August 23, 2019.

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