Tuesday was a horror:  Clayton Lockett was seen to writhe, clench his teeth and fight against his gurney restraints as the State of Oklahoma’s lethal injection execution took place.  

Oklahoma officials halted the execution after seeing that the untested use of midazolam in the lethal drug cocktail might not be working properly (duh) but this apparently came too late.  Not only was there obviously suffering on the part of Lockett, he died of a heart attack shortly thereafter.

Now, there is growing outrage about what happened during the Lockett execution.  

Thing is, all eyes are on Oklahoma.  But while Oklahoma used midazolam as the first part of cocktail, 100 milligrams, it’s not like this drug has never been used in lethal injections before.

 Florida uses it  already — 500 milligrams of midazolam goes into Florida’s lethal injection cocktail.  

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