Orlando Police Department Internal Affairs Clears Officers of Wrongdoing in Markeith Loyd Beating

Yesterday, the Orlando Sentinel published an article where it revealed access to the Internal Affairs report compiled by the Orlando Police Department regarding the beating suffered by Markeith Loyd.  The O.P.D. decision: no excessive force.

Read the full article, “Agency clears Orlando officers who beat, kicked accused cop-killer Markeith Loyd during arrest,” written by Tess Sheets, Jeff Weiner, and Monivette Cordeiro and published by the Orlando Sentinel on June 24 2020.

Internal Affairs Conclusion is Not Judicial Ruling

This report is not a judicial determination.  It is a conclusion reached by the Internal Affairs Department within the Orlando Police Department.  According to the O.P.D. website,

“The Orlando Police Department is committed to unbiased policing in all its encounters between police officers and citizens. OPD policy provides guidelines for officers to prevent biased policing and reinforces procedures that maintain public confidence and trust through the provision of services in a fair and equitable fashion.”

Lenamon Motions Regarding Loyd Beating By Orlando Police

Terence Lenamon was interviewed for this Orlando Sentinel piece.  As part of his contributions Terry points out that, as Markeith Loyd’s defense attorney, he has filed motions that are pending before the court regarding this event.  He is asking for access to missing radio transmissions, all the cellphone records for the officers present at the scene, as well as the complete video footage from the night of Loyd’s arrest.

From Terry, as quoted by the Orlando Sentinel:

“There are a number of things that transpired in the [Internal Affairs] investigation that were ignored or overlooked. They’re counting on the fact that society may frown a little on what happened, but the bottom line is he’s accused of killing a cop so we’re going to give a pass to the Orlando Police Department once again so they’re not held accountable.”


Watch The Video:  Was There Excessive Force by the Orlando Police in the Arrest of Markeith Loyd?

Orlando TV station WKMG has uploaded the unedited video (length: 16:34) from the helicopter that circled above the apprehension of Markeith Loyd by officers of the Orlando Police Department.  Watch it here and consider for yourself if there was excessive force by a police officer and if there was resisting arrest by the accused:



Note:  the Markeith Loyd trial has been delayed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and a new trial date has not been set.