Long ago, just like in the movies, executions were public.  Watch a Western, and you’ll see the hangings in the public square.  Watch a film about the French Revolution, and there are the masses watching executions on the guillotine. 

Should there be Public Executions in America?

Today, there is talk of making modern-day executions public again.  Of course, this comes with lots of discussion, since many do not agree with the idea of public executions. 

Consider the following discussions:

New York Times, "Capital Punishment: A Public or Private Death?"

Daily Kos, "Televise Executions? Riiiiight."

Law and Conversation, "Making Executions Public"

And consider this, there are public executions today.  Go to You Tube and you can watch executions in North Korea (hanging) and Iran (hanging, beheading).  We’re not posting links to them, however.